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           1002 Maple Street   .   Murray, IA 50074   .   515-462-0053


KSOI’s mission is to strengthen localism, education, diversity, entertainment, public participation, and disseminate emergency information. KSOI also hopes to provide a forum to further interactions between south-central Iowa communities and cultivate a thoughtful and dedicated listenership.


496’ KSOI Cheers Tower

Grand River Valley Radio, Inc. was established in September 2007 by Joe Hynek to create south-central Iowa’s only locally programmed non-commercial, community-based radio station. GRVR’s proposed coverage area is over 2500 square miles, broadcasting musical, cultural, and community affairs programming, 24-7. The non-profit incorporation was filed with the State of Iowa and GRVR Board officers were elected with Joe Hynek serving as President, Marge Perry as Vice President, Angie Hynek as Secretary, and Bill Hynek as Treasurer. By October 2007, Joe filed the FCC 340 Form for a Construction Permit. By August 2009, the FCC awarded the permit to build a 19.1 kW station in south-central Iowa on channel 91.9 FM. In November, the call letters KSOI were reserved. In March 2011, Mary Ellen Kimball joined the board as the Community Advisory Director and the board voted to drop using the name Grand River Valley Radio and adopted KSOI as the official name. A PTFP Grant was awarded and matching funds were contributed by the Osceola community. In October 2011, Ken Cheers generously leased 9 acres to erect the 496’ KSOI tower, built in June 2012. In November 2011, Pennie Cheers joined the board. A 60’ tower was also erected next to the broadcasting station at 1002 Maple Street, Murray, IA. A broadcast test was performed on June 30, 2012. Five years had passed and on August 1, 2012, KSOI celebrated its on-air birthday.